• Council on Educational Standards and Accountability (CESA)

  • Center for Effective Philanthropy

  • Sarah Lawrence College (with Eboo Patel)

  • Missouri Humanities Council

  • Independent Schools Association of the Central States (ISACS)

  • Veritas Forum at University of Chicago (with Eboo Patel)



  • "Christian Witness in a Fractured Age" (with Tim Keller and Lecrae, moderated by Kirsten Powers)

  • "Confident Pluralism" at Asbury University, Wheaton College, and Virginia Tech

  • Res Publica Lectures at Covenant College

  • American Enterprise Institute (Values & Capitalism Program)

  • “Out of Many Faiths” (with Eboo Patel, Laurie Patton, Nancy Cable, and Robert Jones), Art Institute of Chicago

  • “West Virginia v. Barnette and the Four Freedoms” at Florida International University

  • “Confident Pluralism,” January Series, Calvin College


Inazu and Eboo.jpg
  • "Pluralism and Difference" (with Eboo Patel) at Interfaith Youth Core, Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, and Trinity Forum

“Confidence and Compassion,” Urbana

  • “Holmes, Humility, and How Not to Kill Each Other” at University of Notre Dame School of Law

  • The After Charlottesville Project

  • Commencement address at Houghton College

  • Lectures in China at Beijing Normal University, Renmin University, and Zhejiang University

  • Pluralism and the University" at University of Notre Dame, University of San Diego School of Law, University of Kentucky Law School, and University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

  • Alumni Author Speaker at Duke Law School

  • "Confident Pluralism" at Bethel College, Eastern Kentucky University, Dordt College, Northwestern College, Azusa Pacific University, Hoover Institute, Valparaiso University, University of Richmond School of Law, George Fox University, Murdock Charitable Trust, Corbin College, Fordham Law School


  • Dialogue on Confident Pluralism (pictured right) with Michael Gerson and John C. Danforth

  • "Our Fractured Republic" at Newseum (with Yuval Levin, Meira Neggaz, Garnette Cadogan, Charles Haynes, and Brett McDonnell, moderated by Laurie Goodstein)

  • "Confident Pluralism" at Stanford Law School, University of Virginia, American Enterprise Institute, Eastern University, Gordon College (response from Peter Berger), Southern Illinois University School of Law

Newseum Panel on Confident Pluralism

With Gerson.jpg


  • “Civility in the Public Square” (with Nicholas Kristof and Tim Keller, moderated by Stephanie Summers) at Redeemer Presbyterian Church (New York City)

  • “Unlawful Assembly as Social Control” University of Minnesota School of Law

  • Center for Public Justice Kuyper Lecture at Baylor University (with responses from Bryan McGraw, Stanley Carlson-Theis, and Anne Snyder)