Are you a Christian?


What kind of Christian are you?

I am on the board of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, an occasional contributor to Christianity Today, and I am writing a book with the Presbyterian pastor Tim Keller.   Depending on the circles I find myself in, sometimes I get called ultra-conservative and sometimes I get called ultra-liberal.  I think both of those characterizations are misplaced, but sometimes they are also entertaining.


If I am a Christian, will I be welcomed at Washington University?

In my experience, yes.  Washington University, like most universities, has its share of challenges.  You will likely find some of them antithetical to your faith commitments.  But you’ll also find a lot to like here, and a lot of opportunities to live out your faith.  One way I am trying to do so is through The Carver Project.


Do you have anything at Washington University for Christian law students?

Yes.  Through The Carver Project, I host a law student reading group at my home.  We typically have around 20 students on a given night.  Any Washington University law student is welcome to attend, even if you’re not a Christian, but come expecting to focus on Christian topics.  If you are a Washington University law student interested in the reading group, you can email me.

The Carver Project also offers a mentoring program that matches Christian law students with area practitioners.  You do have to be a Christian for that one, which hopefully makes sense. 


Aren’t you worried about being so public about your faith at a “Secular” university?



Would you be unworried at every university, in every discipline?