Most of my approach to public speaking is adapted from the advice and practices of my friend, Andy Crouch.

Do you accept speaking invitations?

Yes.  I generally schedule speaking engagements 12-14 months out.


Do you have a speaking fee?

Yes.  I have some exceptions.  I do the following kinds of talks for free or for less than my speaking fee:

  • Academic talks to scholars in my primary or secondary disciplines (law, political theory, religion, and theology). My day job is to be a teacher and scholar. People much smarter than me at places much fancier than mine do not charge to give academic talks. Sometimes academic institutions offer honoraria for conferences or keynote addresses, and I happily accept those.

  • Talks in St. Louis. I view speaking engagements in St. Louis as part of my commitment to my city. That said, as an author, when a local organization asks me to speak about topics related to one of my books, I am grateful when they have copies of my books for sale, or even better, when they give away copies to attendees.

  • Board meetings. If I am serving on a nonprofit board, I do not get paid to attend board meetings, and I do not ask for a speaking fee to participate in national-level gatherings with that organization.

  • A few other things, but not many. (The lawyer in me wanted a catchall category for the inevitable exceptions.)

Unfortunately, I am only able to accept a small number of the invitations I receive for these kinds of talks.  Outside of these categories, I charge a daily rate for public lectures, private meetings, board consultations, and pretty much anything else. 


Who should I contact if I am interested in finding out more about Your speaking availability?

Please email Carol.